Remote Encrypted VNC from Isolated Network via SSH Tunnel

Intro Earlier this year I needed to access a non-routed private1 IP subnet from over the Internet. The hosts on this Isolated IP subnet did not have a gateway of last resort defined and could only communicate with other hosts on the same network. What I needed from these hosts on the Isolated IP subnet... » read more

JUNOS, SSH-KEY Authentication

In an earlier post I spoke of leveraging ssh-agent for accessing Junos based platforms. This blog post takes that earlier blog entry a step further. There are scripting benefits to using an ssh-agent but if scripting is not your concern then at the very least there is a convenience factor when accessing the Junos based... » read more

Leveraging ssh-agent and Junos based routers

There I was with 12 J-Series routers equipped with 12 dual T1 cards each. That’s 144 T1 ports = 12 routers * (12 ports = 2 ports per PIM * 6 PIMs). I needed to quickly search the description field of each interface to find a particular circuit ID. Our standard operating policy was to... » read more