PyCharm 2018.2 Goodies
PyCharm 2018.2 Goodies

This week JetBrains released an update to PyCharm that includes an item I’ve been waiting to arrive in PyCharm; PyCharm 2018.21 brings support for Pipenv2. I discovered and began using Pipenv roughly around December 2017. Very happy to now have PyCharm and Pipenv working together. Among the additional features and improvements to come with PyCharm... » read more

Microsoft Script Center

I just happened onto Microsoft Script Center this morning after reading a bit of writing by Todd Klindt.   Todd’s topic was “Use PowerShell to Back Up SharePoint Installation” in case you might be interested in reading it. While I don’t have anything pressing or urgent to do with scripting on a Microsoft platform today,... » read more

Terminal Colors with Bash

The following is a script I would use for testing. I used it for viewing colors and layout; it’s good for enhancing script feed-back when the script is interactive. [sourcecode language=”bash”] #!/bin/bash #——————————— # # Script Name: # Version: 0.1.1 # Created on: 3/2/2011 Jeff Neuffer Jr # Updated on: $Id: 105 2013-03-17... » read more

JUNOS, Scripting and SSH-AGENT

In two previous blog entries I talked about leveraging ssh-agent with scripting. Below is an example script I use to run different commands on Junos based routers. This particular script is menu driven from the terminal prompt. Beyond the menu the script is non-interactive. It is plausible to write a script that will request user... » read more