Current Focus, an update

So much happening since my last blog entry.  I’m currently working on two topics at the moment, IPv6 transition architecture SDN/NFV architecture These are interesting topics respectively. With IPv6 it seems the more one progresses with this protocol the clearer it becomes that the challenges which exist are not with IPv6 natively 1 so much... » read more

IP Subnet Weighting Table

Converting binary to decimal/decimal to binary This is a page with two tables that helps with visualizing the conversion from binary to decimal and from decimal to binary. It’s not pretty or anything, but it does the job I think. Below link for downloading a PDF version. Weighting Table – Converting binary to decimal  ... » read more

BNG/ESR Redundancy

I’m working on an MPLS BNG/ESR redundacy design.  Challenging to say the least, but I’m seeing a glimmer of light that could be an end solution.

Head down…

Overseeing several fronts… Forklift upgrade of equipment to a different vendor of our IP Internet network Planning migration from SAN array to another SAN array model Planning move of data center hosts to a virtual environment Planning/testing IPv6 for ISP operations So these are over and above daily operational tasks/challenges.

Packet loss, Traceroute and what to believe

Recently worked on a customer issue whereby they had a VPN dropping intermittently. The VPN was riding over several Internet providers.  The below screen shots are examples and not the actual view when working with this customer. The customer performed traceroutes (which was a good thing) and noticed a measured packet loss on one of... » read more