MacBook Pro Retina and Screen Captures

Having a MacBook Pro Retina is awesome.  I’ve been using mine since the end of July 2012.  I am completely happy with it.  I’m often asked how I like the Retina and the best way I can describe it to people is using the analogy of television, that is standard definition (SD) non-Retina vs. high... » read more

Mac OS X Lion Enable Double-Tap Drag

By default Mac OS X Lion does not enable the double-tap drag option. You have to enable it if you know where to look. I find the double-tap drag very handy when I’m working with one hand on the computer. For example the other hand is holding the mobile phone or beverage. In case you... » read more

RSS Reader that finally appeals to me

Oh wow …I think there is finally an application RSS reader that I like. A few days ago I thought I would checkout the Apple App Store [1] since Mac OS X Mountain Lion was due to be released. While looking around the App Store I noticed an app titled “Reeder” [2]. I checked the... » read more

Broken MacBook Pro and Apple

So there I was working away and noticed that my MacBook Pro (MBP) was running a bit sluggish.  It had been a very long time since rebooting it so I thought I would shut it down and restart it.  Here is a capture of my hardware/software Well it shutdown just fine, but that was about... » read more

GNS3 and Arabic language

There I was, installing GNS3 (0.7.4) on my MacBookPro (10.6.7).  After the installation this is what it looked like. As I began to make changes in the settings I noticed a rather surprising change occur.  The language switched from English to Arabic.  Here’s what it looked like.   I didn’t know what to think at... » read more