Case Insensitive List (ls)

When I’m using a Unix-like terminal I don’t always remember the full name of a directory or file.  In a Unix-like world, file and directory names are case sensitive. Sometimes the system we are logged into is not always our own and therefore not customized with default settings.  In these situations the following knowledge can... » read more

Mavericks Finder Crash (loop)

Ran into what appears to be my first hassle with Mavericks.  Finder is crashing and restarting over and over. Quick Internet search shows several folks out there having a similar experience.  Over on the Apple discussion forms it was suggested to try quitting (closing) Google Drive as this has been identified through cause and affect... » read more

GNS3 and Arabic language

There I was, installing GNS3 (0.7.4) on my MacBookPro (10.6.7).  After the installation this is what it looked like. As I began to make changes in the settings I noticed a rather surprising change occur.  The language switched from English to Arabic.  Here’s what it looked like.   I didn’t know what to think at... » read more