Different Role, Different Employer
Different Role, Different Employer

Stepping out of one fast lane and into another fast lane. Juniper Networks is an amazing company with cool technology, brilliant and talented people.  I am absolutely thankful to have been given an opportunity to work at Juniper Networks. Looking forward to the next set of challenges; changing it up a bit and assuming a new... » read more

Juniper QFX3000-M QFabric System Recovery Kickstart File

Early the week of July 4th 2013 I was working with a customer on a Juniper QFX3000-M Micro Fabric in their lab running through various setup steps while the setup steps where documented on their internal wiki. When running through the process of a recovery installation on the Director Group an error message appeared stating... » read more

Mykonos renamed Junos WebApp Secure

About a year ago I mentioned Juniper’s Mykonos product.  Earlier this year it was renamed to Junos WebApp Secure.  There is a high level video animation showing the integration of Junos WebApp Secure and Junos Spotlight Secure. I find the approach Junos WebApp Secure follows and the end result to be impressive. Adding into the... » read more

Same position different employer

Not much activity on this blog since last August 2012. In August 2012 an opportunity presented itself. I joined the Juniper Commercial Service Provider Team. I’ve been working as a systems engineer in a pre-sales engineering role. Wonderful career move in many ways. It is challenging at every level and it demands 150% every day.... » read more

Calling a Juniper JUNOSe Macro Script

In the post titled Juniper JUNOSe Macro Backup Script I detailed a method I used to backup the configuration of the broadband router. What I didn’t include was the command used to call the macro script; kind-of an important item to define. host1(config)#macro run_backup_rtrname.mac

Juniper JUNOSe Macro Backup Script

For many years I maintained a Juniper ERX1410 running JUNOSe. Over time I created a backup script in 2007 that would allow me to initiate a backup of the broadband router and move on to another task while the backup processed. “An E Series router has an embedded macro language that enables you to define... » read more