Data Center Old and New Tech

Lately as in the past month, especially over the holidays, I’ve immersed myself in data center challenges and the technologies that try to address these challenges. Topics ranging from Physical infrastructure Virtual infrastructure (VMware, Contrail, Security, Orchestration) Network infrastructure (Fabrics and non-Fabrics) Storage performance (Disk-IOPS, Array-IOPS) Storage devices (DAS, NAS, SAN-Array) Storage backup (Physical and... » read more

Calculating System Thermal Output

The Internet abounds with information on the topic of thermal output. I’ve collected the following formulas and placed them here for my quick reference. Watts = 0.293 * BTU-Hr Watts = 3,530 * Tons BTU-Hr = 3.41 * Watts Tons = 0.000283 * Watts   For example, PacketLight PL-1000TN Optical Transport Unit PSU rated at... » read more

Head down…

Overseeing several fronts… Forklift upgrade of equipment to a different vendor of our IP Internet network Planning migration from SAN array to another SAN array model Planning move of data center hosts to a virtual environment Planning/testing IPv6 for ISP operations So these are over and above daily operational tasks/challenges.