Case Insensitive List (ls)

When I’m using a Unix-like terminal I don’t always remember the full name of a directory or file.  In a Unix-like world, file and directory names are case sensitive. Sometimes the system we are logged into is not always our own and therefore not customized with default settings.  In these situations the following knowledge can... » read more

Terminal Colors with Bash

The following is a script I would use for testing. I used it for viewing colors and layout; it’s good for enhancing script feed-back when the script is interactive. [sourcecode language=”bash”] #!/bin/bash #——————————— # # Script Name: # Version: 0.1.1 # Created on: 3/2/2011 Jeff Neuffer Jr # Updated on: $Id: 105 2013-03-17... » read more

Not quite a multidimensional array (hack)

So the following doesn’t do anything except illustrate how I worked around BASH not support multidimensional arrays. In my production code (not the below example) I used the below loop to call an expect script. The expect script does the work of logging into the router(s). The output from expect is then piped to AWK,... » read more

Need multidimensional

I wish bash supported multidimensional arrays.  So I either chose the wrong tool for the current job, or I have to rethink the approach I’m using in order to keep using bash.