macOS Unix time to Date String

I was working with an API today and received an authentication key, which prompted me to want to know how long it was good for. The returned expiration time was in Unix time1. I knew I could convert the Unix time format into a readable format using the date command from the macOS terminal. The... » read more

Deleted Facebook and Instagram

This past June of 2018 I deleted my Facebook account. This was the so-called “permanent” deletion and not the “disable” account. After taking the step of deleting my Facebook account I can tell you that I honestly felt FREE. Not like a weight had been lifted, no not like that. Rather a feeling of freedom.... » read more

Initial macOS Mojave thoughts

Apple announced macOS Mojave June 2018 1and Mojave became available September 2018 2. Today, November 25th 2018 I upgraded to macOS Mojave. While it has been less than 12 hours, so far all seems to have gone well with the upgrade from macOS High Sierra on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018). While writing this, I... » read more

Moved to iA Writer away from Ulysses

I’ve made the move to iA Writer 1 this weekend. I have been using Ulysses 2 for the past year. I evaluated iA Writer and evaluated Ulysses some time ago and ended up selecting Ulysses at the time. Since then, two things have happened. Ulysses moved to a rental software pricing model (subscription model) iA... » read more

PyCharm 2018.2 Goodies

This week JetBrains released an update to PyCharm that includes an item I’ve been waiting to arrive in PyCharm; PyCharm 2018.21 brings support for Pipenv2. I discovered and began using Pipenv roughly around December 2017. Very happy to now have PyCharm and Pipenv working together. Among the additional features and improvements to come with PyCharm... » read more

Brave Web Browser

Over the past few days I’ve been checking out the Brave web browser. I’ve downloaded it onto my mobile devices, desktop and notebook computers. After a day of use, I quickly found myself wanting to make it my default browser of choice. So I did. What caught my attention about Brave is their messaging that... » read more