Welcome 2022! So Long 2021

2022 Happy New Year! Looking up for what’s next. 2021 What to think… or what to …remember? I’m glad to see 2021 go away. What has been learned? The good There are a few things about 2021 that are good. 2021 has not been all bad. I’ve continued to learned about live Internet broadcasting of... » read more

jog memory: Git

Document Control 1/27/2022: Renamed document title 1/28/2022: Added table of contents, document control Purpose These are quick notes to jog memory1. It is a living document in that will expand or modify as needed. This is a small reference about Git. Official docs available here, https://git-scm.com/doc Remote repo tags Following items Use the following to... » read more

Control… power, yada yada

It is all about control, amassing power, and wielding the power of control… then brokering in control as an asset for the kicks-of-it. If you have consumed content from a source which has been demonetized or subjected to a deplatforming, then no explanation is needed. Perhaps, the opening sentences are nonsensical to you, or even... » read more

Moving from SVN to Git

Subversion has been good to me.  In fact I like Subversion very much.  It was the first Version Control System (VCS) I learn and used, not only for my private work but for professional work as well. Lately, I’ve been thinking of how I can access my SVN repositories from all of the devices I use to... » read more

Deleted Twitter Account

This past January of 2019 I deleted my Twitter account. Twitter to me has always been, meh. I’ve tried to discover a rhythm with Twitter. It never happened. I’ve labored to make Twitter apart of my day. That never stuck. meh. I think the idea of Twitter has value for communicating publicly. The issue I... » read more

Remote Encrypted VNC from Isolated Network via SSH Tunnel

Intro Earlier this year I needed to access a non-routed private1 IP subnet from over the Internet. The hosts on this Isolated IP subnet did not have a gateway of last resort defined and could only communicate with other hosts on the same network. What I needed from these hosts on the Isolated IP subnet... » read more