Head down…

Overseeing several fronts… Forklift upgrade of equipment to a different vendor of our IP Internet network Planning migration from SAN array to another SAN array model Planning move of data center hosts to a virtual environment Planning/testing IPv6 for ISP operations So these are over and above daily operational tasks/challenges.

GNS3 and Arabic language

There I was, installing GNS3 (0.7.4) on my MacBookPro (10.6.7).  After the installation this is what it looked like. As I began to make changes in the settings I noticed a rather surprising change occur.  The language switched from English to Arabic.  Here’s what it looked like.   I didn’t know what to think at... » read more

Packet loss, Traceroute and what to believe

Recently worked on a customer issue whereby they had a VPN dropping intermittently. The VPN was riding over several Internet providers.  The below screen shots are examples and not the actual view when working with this customer. The customer performed traceroutes (which was a good thing) and noticed a measured packet loss on one of... » read more

Not quite a multidimensional array (hack)

So the following doesn’t do anything except illustrate how I worked around BASH not support multidimensional arrays. In my production code (not the below example) I used the below loop to call an expect script. The expect script does the work of logging into the router(s). The output from expect is then piped to AWK,... » read more

Need multidimensional

I wish bash supported multidimensional arrays.  So I either chose the wrong tool for the current job, or I have to rethink the approach I’m using in order to keep using bash.