Python tooling efficiency with pyenv and pipenv

Synopsis Use pyenv to quickly install and switch between different Python releases while using pipenv to virtually isolate project files and libraries. For example, create a virtual python environment using Python release 3.11.1 with pipenv command pipenv --python 3.11.1. If Python 3.11.1 is not installed on the local system pipenv will leverage pyenv to install... » read more

jog memory: Git

Document Control 1/27/2022: Renamed document title 1/28/2022: Added table of contents, document control Purpose These are quick notes to jog memory1. It is a living document in that will expand or modify as needed. This is a small reference about Git. Official docs available here, Remote repo tags Following items Use the following to... » read more

Moving from SVN to Git

Subversion has been good to me.  In fact I like Subversion very much.  It was the first Version Control System (VCS) I learn and used, not only for my private work but for professional work as well. Lately, I’ve been thinking of how I can access my SVN repositories from all of the devices I use to... » read more

PyCharm 2018.2 Goodies

This week JetBrains released an update to PyCharm that includes an item I’ve been waiting to arrive in PyCharm; PyCharm 2018.21 brings support for Pipenv2. I discovered and began using Pipenv roughly around December 2017. Very happy to now have PyCharm and Pipenv working together. Among the additional features and improvements to come with PyCharm... » read more

Microsoft Script Center

I just happened onto Microsoft Script Center this morning after reading a bit of writing by Todd Klindt.   Todd’s topic was “Use PowerShell to Back Up SharePoint Installation” in case you might be interested in reading it. While I don’t have anything pressing or urgent to do with scripting on a Microsoft platform today,... » read more