Closing 2015 Travel

This past year has been the most traveled for me by far. I’m often asked if I like the travel.  The answer is easy for me, I like the travel and being on the go.  It’s fast-past and demanding.  Not many people can appreciate the required effort and labor involved with doing business while traveling... » read more

Different Role, Different Employer

Stepping out of one fast lane and into another fast lane. Juniper Networks is an amazing company with cool technology, brilliant and talented people.  I am absolutely thankful to have been given an opportunity to work at Juniper Networks. Looking forward to the next set of challenges; changing it up a bit and assuming a new... » read more

Packard Bell 486 DX2-66

I don’t miss that slow chunk of dust.  But while I’m thinking about it… I bought my very first personal computer at Sears in Morehead City NC.  It was a Packard Bell 486 DX2-66.  I remember it coming with Windows 3.11 pre-bundled. I was continuously learning with it, mainly by breaking it in such a... » read more

2014 Resolutions

Here is my short list in no particular order… Personal Be true to my faith, strive to live what I profess daily. Give more of myself to my family Professional Look to the present and future for what I’m doing for my employer. Certification goals

Data Center Old and New Tech

Lately as in the past month, especially over the holidays, I’ve immersed myself in data center challenges and the technologies that try to address these challenges. Topics ranging from Physical infrastructure Virtual infrastructure (VMware, Contrail, Security, Orchestration) Network infrastructure (Fabrics and non-Fabrics) Storage performance (Disk-IOPS, Array-IOPS) Storage devices (DAS, NAS, SAN-Array) Storage backup (Physical and... » read more