Difference between Policy-Routing and Routing-Policy

Why write about this? I once worked with a colleague1, and he didn’t know there was a difference between Policy-Routing and Routing-Policy. Given his senior position, I was surprised at the initial confusion this created as we collaborated with a vendor. His view was both concepts of Routing-Policy and Policy-Routing had the same meaning, that... » read more

NX-OS, mildly interesting yet helpful

Over the past 3 months I’ve been working with Nexus NX-OS 9.3.(x) and learned an interesting command. The command is show cli history. 1 Here is an example of work that was needed on two N9k switches. It is mildly interesting, yet helpful. Copy and paste the repeated commands. PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP) NX-OS provides... » read more

Current Focus, an update

So much happening since my last blog entry.  I’m currently working on two topics at the moment, IPv6 transition architecture SDN/NFV architecture These are interesting topics respectively. With IPv6 it seems the more one progresses with this protocol the clearer it becomes that the challenges which exist are not with IPv6 natively 1 so much... » read more

Zero Trust Network Architecture – ZTNA

I recently attended a one-day data center summit.  Interesting items and topics discussed throughout by everyone.  The opening speaker was John Kindervag of Forrester.  He advocated the concept of Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA). I walked away from the summit thinking about the concept of Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA).  I find it to be... » read more

Is it RIB or FIB capacity?

When reading or hearing about IP route capacity of routing gear it is often stated that a piece of equipment will support x-number of routes.  This number is a large number typically – and can sound impressive. So if you hear or read of one capacity number mentioned keep in mind there is more than... » read more

How I Implemented a CALEA Solution (With Juniper JUNOS)

The following information was first published on 11/15/2007 at http://www.unixadmin.cc/calea/ CALEA is an acronym for, “Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act“. Enough time has passed that an update to this document is needed. The following should be considered historical. Header Draft Version: 0.1.2 Service: Flow-Tap, IPSec and Dynamic Tasking Control Protocol (DTCP) Operating System: Juniper... » read more