PowerShell and Unix/Linux command?

Not really a big deal or anything since aliases can be created; however I thought it was cool that these aliases are already setup. Having first learned with Perl, then went crazy with PHP and now over to Python I can say I’m happy to see that someone at Microsoft made a good decision to... » read more

Exchange 2010, Active Directory and iPhone Sync

I don’t consider myself an Exchange guy and I while I have worked a lot with LDAP (OpenLDAP) in a service provider environment many moons ago, I don’t consider myself an Active Directory (AD) guy. Ah! So here begins the plight… I found myself setting up an iPhone to sync email from an Exchange 2010... » read more

Microsoft Script Center

I just happened onto Microsoft Script Center this morning after reading a bit of writing by Todd Klindt.   Todd’s topic was “Use PowerShell to Back Up SharePoint Installation” in case you might be interested in reading it. While I don’t have anything pressing or urgent to do with scripting on a Microsoft platform today,... » read more

Resource Monitor (resmon)

Let’s see, the retail version of Windows 7 has been on the market since October 2009 [1].  Just this past week, July 2012, I realized that there is a nifty Resource Monitor within Windows 7 Pro.  While this is probably not new to folks who use Windows 7 everyday it came as a nice surprise to... » read more