Remote Encrypted VNC from Isolated Network via SSH Tunnel

Intro Earlier this year I needed to access a non-routed private1 IP subnet from over the Internet. The hosts on this Isolated IP subnet did not have a gateway of last resort defined and could only communicate with other hosts on the same network. What I needed from these hosts on the Isolated IP subnet... » read more

Linux /boot Partition Full

This morning I spent time updating the various VM images I use with bug and security fixes.  My CentOS 7 VM presented a notice to me that it’s /boot partition was nearly out of disk space. Normally a quick reference and delete of the older files would address the immediate need to free-up disk space;... » read more

Yggdrasil Linux

My first experience with Linux was in the early to mid-90s with Yggdrasil Linux.  I picked up a book aptly titled “The Linux Bible” which had a CDROM inside the book jacket.  I thought it would be cool to install this onto my Packerd Bell 486-DX2.  At the time, the Packerd Bell PC had Windows... » read more

Linux Ubuntu apt-get packages have been kept back (kernel)

I like the concept of long term support (LTS) that Ubuntu Linux introduced for their distribution of Linux. For a good while I have used Ubuntu Server as a server platform for personal software development projects. All of my development is performed from a Mac and I run the Ubuntu Server inside of a hypervisor.... » read more