Juniper JUNOSe Macro Backup Script

Operating Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) For many years I maintained a Juniper ERX1410 running JUNOSe. Over time I created a backup script in 2007 that would allow me to initiate a backup of the broadband router and move on to another task while the backup job processed. “An E Series router has an embedded macro... » read more

Leveraging ssh-agent and Junos based routers

There I was with 12 J-Series routers equipped with 12 dual T1 cards each. That’s 144 T1 ports = 12 routers * (12 ports = 2 ports per PIM * 6 PIMs). I needed to quickly search the description field of each interface to find a particular circuit ID. Our standard operating policy was to... » read more