Juniper QFX3000-M QFabric System Recovery Kickstart File

Early the week of July 4th 2013 I was working with a customer on a Juniper QFX3000-M Micro Fabric in their lab running through various setup steps while the setup steps where documented on their internal wiki. When running through the process of a recovery installation on the Director Group an error message appeared stating... » read more

Mykonos renamed Junos WebApp Secure

About a year ago I mentioned Juniper’s Mykonos product.  Earlier this year it was renamed to Junos WebApp Secure.  There is a high level video animation showing the integration of Junos WebApp Secure and Junos Spotlight Secure. I find the approach Junos WebApp Secure follows and the end result to be impressive. Adding into the... » read more

JUNOS, Scripting and SSH-AGENT

In two previous blog entries I talked about leveraging ssh-agent with scripting. Below is an example script I use to run different commands on Junos based routers. This particular script is menu driven from the terminal prompt. Beyond the menu the script is non-interactive. It is plausible to write a script that will request user... » read more

JUNOS, SSH-KEY Authentication

In an earlier post I spoke of leveraging ssh-agent for accessing Junos based platforms. This blog post takes that earlier blog entry a step further. There are scripting benefits to using an ssh-agent but if scripting is not your concern then at the very least there is a convenience factor when accessing the Junos based... » read more

Can a good offense provide a good defense?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a webinar on Juniper’s Mykonos product.  This was my first exposure to anything related to Mykonos.  At first glance it would be easy to mistakenly classify Mykonos as a Web Application Firewall (WAF) but it is not exactly a WAF. The acquisition of the Mykonos Software by Juniper... » read more

Calling a Juniper JUNOSe Macro Script

In the post titled Juniper JUNOSe Macro Backup Script I detailed a method I used to backup the configuration of the broadband router. What I didn’t include was the command used to call the macro script; kind-of an important item to define. host1(config)#macro run_backup_rtrname.mac