With UTM run x86 VM on Apple M1

Interesting find. I didn’t know I cared about this emulator called UTM. The UTM macOS edition has my attention now. I decided to trade my MacBook Pro 16-inch (MBP) for a new MacBook Pro M1 system. All in all, the new system is fine. When I made the Apple leap from an Intel-MBP to an... » read more

Initial macOS Mojave thoughts

Apple announced macOS Mojave June 2018 1and Mojave became available September 2018 2. Today, November 25th 2018 I upgraded to macOS Mojave. While it has been less than 12 hours, so far all seems to have gone well with the upgrade from macOS High Sierra on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018). While writing this, I... » read more

Mavericks Finder Crash (loop)

Ran into what appears to be my first hassle with Mavericks.  Finder is crashing and restarting over and over. Quick Internet search shows several folks out there having a similar experience.  Over on the Apple discussion forms it was suggested to try quitting (closing) Google Drive as this has been identified through cause and affect... » read more

MacBook Pro Retina and Screen Captures

Having a MacBook Pro Retina is awesome.  I’ve been using mine since the end of July 2012.  I am completely happy with it.  I’m often asked how I like the Retina and the best way I can describe it to people is using the analogy of television, that is standard definition (SD) non-Retina vs. high... » read more

Mac OS X Lion Enable Double-Tap Drag

By default Mac OS X Lion does not enable the double-tap drag option. You have to enable it if you know where to look. I find the double-tap drag very handy when I’m working with one hand on the computer. For example the other hand is holding the mobile phone or beverage. In case you... » read more