Happy New Year!

Looking up for what’s next.


What to think… or what to …remember?

I’m glad to see 2021 go away.

What has been learned?

The good

There are a few things about 2021 that are good. 2021 has not been all bad.

  • I’ve continued to learned about live Internet broadcasting of events. Software & hardware components.
  • I learned to check my love of country so that my love of God is greater.
  • We welcomed a new grandchild into the world!
  • We welcomed new nieces and nephews into the extended family!
  • My wife and I survived having COVID in August. It was rough for both of us.
  • My wife, daughter, son-in-law, four grandchildren (1 newborn) all had COVID, now we all have natural immunity1!
  • COVID is not a death sentence 2 3.

The bad

There are many things about 2021 that are awful. Most of all, the mess of COVID.

  • Fascism4 traded for the promise of safety5 6. False hope.
  • COVID revealed the worst in people7 8, governments 5 6 9 10 11, and corporations 12 13.

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