It is all about control, amassing power, and wielding the power of control… then brokering in control as an asset for the kicks-of-it.

If you have consumed content from a source which has been demonetized or subjected to a deplatforming, then no explanation is needed.

Perhaps, the opening sentences are nonsensical to you, or even too abstract and vague… this could be an indication of a bubble robust with groupthink and a zero tolerance for critical thought.

Perhaps, the opening sentences are well understood and you are likely in violent agreement with these recent trends.

I recently learned of a blog site that is being deplatformed. This site has been told to move along; told they are not wanted. I’ve never heard of this blog site before, until a headline of their story was shared with me. I have not dug into the background of this blog site to understand what it is they write about, what it is they believe, what their mission is, what their cause may be, or what values they espouse.

It principally does not matter how much or how little I know about them. My agreement or disagreement with their prerogative as to whether or not they should be permitted to have a voice, write and express, share content, and discuss the values they hold important is fundamentally irrelevant.

The blog site I’m referring too is called “The Last Refuge“. The hosting company behind is Automatic. It is Automatic that has told The Last Refuge to move on. The open source software WordPress has made a point to not confuse it with Automatic.

I don’t want to associate with intolerance much less do business with a company like Automatic that is engaging in this behavior.

The irony of what is stated at the bottom of their web page… “We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom.” WHAT?

Off to locate a different hosting provider.

Last modified: 12/03/2020


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