This past January of 2019 I deleted my Twitter account.

Twitter to me has always been, meh. I’ve tried to discover a rhythm with Twitter. It never happened. I’ve labored to make Twitter apart of my day. That never stuck. meh.

I think the idea of Twitter has value for communicating publicly. The issue I take with social media platforms like Twitter, is the subjective interpretation of expression they apply.

There is something creepy about a corporation defining what is appropriate expression in a public forum like the Internet.

You can visit an advertising corporation like Google and search its database on the topic, “free speech social media” or “social media censorship“, and a fair amount of content will be returned. Are the displayed results shown to you bias? How do you know they are bias results or not bias result?

All of us are uniq. We each may feel differently about a topic or subject. Having a different view is not wrong or right, evil or good.

The ability to publicly express thought and expression must not be relinquished to corporations.

Last modified: 02/14/2019


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