I’ve made the move to iA Writer 1 this weekend. I have been using Ulysses 2 for the past year.

I evaluated iA Writer and evaluated Ulysses some time ago and ended up selecting Ulysses at the time. Since then, two things have happened.

  1. Ulysses moved to a rental software pricing model (subscription model)
  2. iA Writer features have rapidly evolved

Overall, I’m completely thrilled with the capabilities of iA Writer v5. It is addressing the features I cared most about, Front matter, metadata variables, tables, templating3, table of contents, number headings.

I am especially happy that iA Writer is not rental software!

Ulysses is a fine writing application. However, the features I have wanted and currently want, have not been there for sometime now. Their explination 4 and reasoning for Ulysses_100x91x72making the move to a subscription based model implied great things to come concerning features and turn-around time. Yet, over the past year I waited and watched as a few updates were released. In v13 improved code blocks arrived; Great but not enough for me.


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Last modified: 08/26/2018


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