Recently I’ve been enjoying News Explorer’s presentation and management of the RSS feeds I like to keep up with.

News Explorer is offered for macOS and iOS with iCloud syncing. Regularly I use both Apple operating systems multiple times a day. The iCloud syncing is terrific for this reason, and so far has been reliable.

For several years I have enjoyed a paid account1 with Feedley. Feedly also offered an iOS application that I found enjoyable to use. The Feedley based web browser interface was also enjoyable to use. I noticed over time that my Feedley activity of which feeds I had read on iOS were not reliably syncing with the web based Feedley, which resulted in having to sort through redundant articles. The impact translated to waisting my time. I liked Feedley and still do, but the recurring subscription cost(s) and the continual out-of-sync history/activity primed me to look for something else.

News Explorer provides many features, however what I have come to like the most so far is it’s ability to reliably pull-down into the application and display the entire article via the “reader view”.

News Explorer provides support for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. An innovative time line view is attractive as well as the ability to apply themes and fonts.

  1. Subscription based
Last modified: 06/20/2018


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