Month: November 2017

Hey ARN, that access speed was impressive

My travels over time have taught me that the Internet is not omnipresent.

Public Internet assess is often overloaded and can, at times, present a poor user experience for the most basic of tasks, such as checking web mail.

A mobile hot-spot is a great backup and is often reliable. However, a mobile hot-spot can also suffer like public Internet access and present a poor user experience.

A particular example that comes to mind when my mobile hot-spot was unusable on several occasions was at the Atlanta airport (ATL).  There is an enormous amount of people coming and going at this airport.

Atlanta ATL Crownded

Atlanta (ATL) Terminal. Photo Credit: KBurchfiel2

For what it’s worth, the ATL airport is the busiest US airport by total passenger boardings year over year (Government uses the word enplanement 1).

Getting on with what was so impressive about Stockholm’s airport, the best public Internet experience I have had up to now was in the Swedish Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), 100Mbps up/down! Snappy! My flight from Heathrow London arrived ahead of a colleague so I found a spot in the airport to setup and get some work done while I waited. This photo looks like the spot I was at where the person is in the white shirt is sitting on the bottom right side.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) terminal. Photo Credit: Svartmetall Sverige3



  1. Enplanement is defined: Domestic, territorial, and international revenue passengers who board an aircraft in the states in scheduled and non-scheduled service of aircraft in intrastate, interstate, and foreign commerce and includes intransit passengers (passengers on board international flights that transit an airport in the US for non-traffic purposes). Definition source is Bureau of Transportation Statistics dictionary page:
  2. Found image via Internet search. Apparently sourced from a YouTube video:
  3. Found image via Internet search. Apparently sourced from a YouTube video:

Multiple Git Repositories Multiple Emails

I’m using multiple git repositories for various work related and personal related projects.

Recently I was working with a repository at work and notice my personal email address in the commit log. Well, this wasn’t cool. I mean my personal email is awesome, but having it appear in work related commit log was… well not cool.

My .gitconfig had the following parameters set correctly for my personal Git repositories.

   name = Boogy Man
   email =

The command git config --list can be used to view a list of defined values for a Git config. Run this command from anywhere within the system.

If your command prompt resides in a cloned git repository, the command output from git config --list will include the output from the .gitconfig plus any local values in the .git/config file of that cloned repository.

Also, using anyone of the cat, less, more or favorite editor will achieve the same result.

Others 1 have run into the same, having multiple repositories – professional and personal. Thankfully, Git was updated 2 to resolve the matter as Orr Sella points out in his blog post.

The .gitconfig is the global config that resides outside of any repositories. Each git repository has it’s own config file within it.


Replacing the email = stanza in the .gitconfig will influence Git to prompt for a name and email on a per repository basis. This of course will occur one time that repository and there after the user name and email will be recored within the repository’s config file.

first step: Updating the global git config first 3,

shell$ cd ~
shell$ git config --global user.useConfigOnly true
shell$ git config --global --unset-all

second step: Then moving into the work repository the following is performed to set the work related email ,

shell$ cd /some_dir/git_clone_dir
shell$ git config ""
shell$ git config --list

The same will be done on any other local repository.

note: If just updating the git global .gitconfig is all you do, and skip setting the then the following git message will appear when you run git commit.

git commit

*** Please tell me who you are.


git config --global ""
git config --global "Your Name"

to set your account's default identity.
Omit --global to set the identity only in this repository.

fatal: no email was given and auto-detection is disabled




  3. The global config will display the and from the global .gitconfig in the output from git config --list. This is why we want to first remove the from the global .gitconfig.