This past year has been the most traveled for me by far.

I’m often asked if I like the travel.  The answer is easy for me, I like the travel and being on the go.  It’s fast-past and demanding.  Not many Transport-Airplane-Takeoff-iconpeople can appreciate the required effort and labor involved with doing business while traveling at the same time.  The key point in closing my answer to the question about liking travel is to point out that I miss my family!  That’s the main negative about traveling for me.  It’s not the travel itself or the demands of travel+business, it’s the lack of family time.

By the way, my wife was great in supporting my travel even though she wished I was home more.

delta-air-lines-logoIn 2015 on Delta Airlines, I flew 162 segments.  Some of these segments were on KLM flights overseas.  I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed flying Delta as opposed to other airlines.

When it comes to hotels I can not stress enough how important it is to get a good nights rest.  It really is “you get what you pay for” out there.  The worst thing I say about hotels is hearing through the walls.  Nothing will keep me awake more at night than hearing someone else and all the racket they are up to.  In my experience, Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt hotels have never let me down.

The 2016 travel is looking to be somewhat tempered.  It will be welcome given the tempo of the last 5 years.

Last modified: 12/14/2015


Wow thats a lot of segments! What were some of your favorite places?

    For different reasons I would list the favorite work places as, London, San Jose and Tampa FL. For favorite travel destinations that are for pleasure I would say The Turks and Caicos Islands and Hawaii.

Crazy travel! We did a hell lot of stuff for a travel blog too, but I didn’t reach the 100 flights this year by a few. Keep on enjoying your travels 🙂

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