Data Center Old and New Tech

data-center-smallLately as in the past month, especially over the holidays, I’ve immersed myself in data center challenges and the technologies that try to address these challenges.

Topics ranging from

  1. Physical infrastructure
  2. Virtual infrastructure (VMware, Contrail, Security, Orchestration)
  3. Network infrastructure (Fabrics and non-Fabrics)
  4. Storage performance (Disk-IOPS, Array-IOPS)
  5. Storage devices (DAS, NAS, SAN-Array)
  6. Storage backup (Physical and Virtual)

I’m running through some of this and it’s a refresher while other topics are cutting edge (ref: Contrail).  It’s been roughly two years and seven months since having direct-touch operational experience with some of the solution technologies above.  I believe a lot has evolved in this short time.  My travel on these topics is uphill as I don’t feel I’ve mastered anything other than an awareness of how much work lays ahead of me.

Why am I putting myself through such a bother revisiting these technologies (the old tech that is), because I don’t believe you can address a customer’s needs, that is position a solution, without first having a rich understanding of where they have been, where they are today, and where they want to be in the future.

Selling boxes is easy, addressing challenges and selling with appropriate solutions requires effort.

My .02-cents

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