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I just happened onto Microsoft Script Center this morning after reading a bit of writing by Todd Klindt.   Todd’s topic was “Use PowerShell to Back Up SharePoint Installation” in case you might be interested in reading it.

While I don’t have anything pressing or urgent to do with scripting on a Microsoft platform today, I have always been curious about Windows PowerShell since it’s release in 2006.

Like everything there is almost always something on the Internet that can speak to a subject; scripting on a Microsoft platform has plenty of resources to pull from on the Internet.

I’d like to understand the benefits of using a native Microsoft scripting language as opposed to using something like a Windows version of Perl or Python.  I’ll make the leap and assume there is an obvious “tighter” integration (?) with the operating system.  Aside note about the assumption here… “tighter” integration with the operating system is a quality of the language and to me not a driving factor behind the choice of a language.  I find the choice of a scripting language to be selected based on using the right tool for the right job (use a hammer for nails and a screw driver for screws).  Obvious but overlooked by folks starting to learn the art of programming.

Microsoft Script Center:

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