mpls-enabled-applications-3rd-editionFairly excited to see this book released in digital format.  I just picked up my Kindle Edition tonight.

MPLS-Enabled Applications: Emerging Developments and New Technologies (Wiley Series on Communications Networking & Distributed Systems)

When the 3rd edition was first published 2011 the digital edition was not immediately available.  Don’t quote me on this as I could be wrong about that, but this is what I recollect.

I purchased the first edition hard back shortly after it was published in 2005.  The 1st edition was my first book on MPLS.  It was also the first technical-read I had on the topic of MPLS (no Internet material or vender technical publications before it), only small chat and hearing others drone-on about the subject.

I hope the 3rd edition is as good as the 1st edition.

For reference, there is a 2nd edition but I did not read it.

Last modified: 07/12/2013


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