I like the concept of long term support (LTS) that Ubuntu Linux introduced for their distribution of Linux. For a good while I have used Ubuntu Server as a server platform for personal software development projects. All of my development is performed from a Mac and I run the Ubuntu Server inside of a hypervisor.

I find operating a server from the CLI environment to have a degree of common sense when compared to running a server with a GUI. For this primary reason I do not install a GUI desktop for the Linux server.

Nearly every time I start (boot up) the Linux server I login into it and run the following commands,

jneuffer@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get update jneuffer@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade

During the upgrade process a display appears showing which packages are kept back and which packages will be upgraded. It wasn’t immediately clear to me how to override and allow the packages kept back to be installed.


With a little research it was found that specifically identifying the packages with the command “apt-get install …” they would be installed. Here is a screen shot showing what it looks like.


Here is more information on apt-get.

Last modified: 03/04/2013


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