Terminal Colors with Bash

The following is a script I would use for testing. I used it for viewing colors and layout; it’s good for enhancing script feed-back when the script is interactive. [sourcecode language=”bash”] #!/bin/bash #——————————— # # Script Name: color_run.sh # Version: 0.1.1 # Created on: 3/2/2011 Jeff Neuffer Jr # Updated on: $Id: color_run.sh 105 2013-03-17... » read more

JUNOS, Scripting and SSH-AGENT

In two previous blog entries I talked about leveraging ssh-agent with scripting. Below is an example script I use to run different commands on Junos based routers. This particular script is menu driven from the terminal prompt. Beyond the menu the script is non-interactive. It is plausible to write a script that will request user... » read more

JUNOS, SSH-KEY Authentication

In an earlier post I spoke of leveraging ssh-agent for accessing Junos based platforms. This blog post takes that earlier blog entry a step further. There are scripting benefits to using an ssh-agent but if scripting is not your concern then at the very least there is a convenience factor when accessing the Junos based... » read more

Linux Ubuntu apt-get packages have been kept back (kernel)

I like the concept of long term support (LTS) that Ubuntu Linux introduced for their distribution of Linux. For a good while I have used Ubuntu Server as a server platform for personal software development projects. All of my development is performed from a Mac and I run the Ubuntu Server inside of a hypervisor.... » read more

Same position different employer

Not much activity on this blog since last August 2012. In August 2012 an opportunity presented itself. I joined the Juniper Commercial Service Provider Team. I’ve been working as a systems engineer in a pre-sales engineering role. Wonderful career move in many ways. It is challenging at every level and it demands 150% every day.... » read more