Oh wow …I think there is finally an application RSS reader that I like. A few days ago I thought I would checkout the Apple App Store [1] since Mac OS X Mountain Lion was due to be released. While looking around the App Store I noticed an app titled “Reeder” [2]. I checked the screen shots and then visited the website [2].

It was ~$5.00 for the app and after a little contemplation I thought I would give it a try. I thought to myself if I don’t like it then it’s only ~$5.00 thrown away.

After the download and installation I was asked for my Google Reader [3] account login upon running Reeder for the first time. The Reeder App is front-ending Google Reader. So this might seem odd at first thought, but I after a moment it occurred to me that if I end up not liking this RSS app I could still return to my Google Reader account and pick up where I left off from the Reeder App. The author of the app is calling Reeder a Google Reader Client.

Here is what the main screen looks like.

The two items that I care about most are aesthetics and functionality. The Reeder app has satisfied these two items. As far as features go here is what is listed on the Apple App Store (as of 7/30/2012 version 1.1.7).

For a long time I have used Google’s Reader. Google reader has been great and I really have no complaints for having used it for many years now as my only RSS reader.

For reference my experience with Reeder has now been a few days running on OS X 10.7.4 (Lion) with a new MacBook Pro Retina.
[1] http://www.apple.com/osx/apps/app-store.html
[2] http://reederapp.com/mac/
[3] http://www.google.com/reader/

Last modified: 07/31/2012


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