The first 5 months of 2012

Most of my attention over the first part of 2012 has been focused on the following general topics/items… Brocade Application Delivery Controller (IPv6) Procera Networks policy enforcement Juniper Branch SRX Juniper Broadband Services on E-Series and MX-Series Juniper Space Design of Greenfield high bandwidth LAN Complete hardware refresh of existing large LAN Exploring carrier based... » read more

Calling a Juniper JUNOSe Macro Script

In the post titled Juniper JUNOSe Macro Backup Script I detailed a method I used to backup the configuration of the broadband router. What I didn’t include was the command used to call the macro script; kind-of an important item to define. host1(config)#macro run_backup_rtrname.mac

Juniper JUNOSe Macro Backup Script

Operating Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) For many years I maintained a Juniper ERX1410 running JUNOSe. Over time I created a backup script in 2007 that would allow me to initiate a backup of the broadband router and move on to another task while the backup job processed. “An E Series router has an embedded macro... » read more