(Edited on: 12/7/2011, 1/3/2012)

[Analogy] I know what an electrical panel is, and I know what an electrical breaker is. I also understand amperage, voltage and what the various gauge of wire means to the current flowing over it. However this doesn’t make me an electrician. It doesn’t even qualify me to come to your home or business to even advise/speak with you on what is appropriate – although there is nothing illegal about sharing what I know.

[Personal example] I know a thing or two about security as it relates to computing (operating system level, software programming and network firewalls); however this doesn’t constitute proficiency on my part in the discipline of security as it relates to the field of computing. Security is not my core focus where IP communications is my core focus.

The point I’m trying to make here is don’t think you know; know that you know – Limited exposure to a technology should never qualify as the basis for making important decisions or important recommendations.

Engage the right resources.

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