There I was, installing GNS3 (0.7.4) on my MacBookPro (10.6.7).  After the installation this is what it looked like.


As I began to make changes in the settings I noticed a rather surprising change occur.  The language switched from English to Arabic.  Here’s what it looked like.



I didn’t know what to think at first.  My first reaction was to uninstall, re-download from the GNS3 site and re-install.  This didn’t help matters, I was stuck with Arabic.

After spending some time poking around, looking and pondering I came across a rather trivial way to fix the problem.  So the solution is a rather easy fix.  I opened a Terminal (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) edited the gns3.ini file.


In the [GNS3] section locate the “lang=ar” line and change it to read, “lang=en”.  Save the changes and exit the editor.  Restart GNS3 and you should now have menus in English.

I suppose that if you knew the menu system well enough you could “clear” the gns3.ini via the GUI without following the above steps.  I haven’t tried this however.

Last modified: 06/03/2011


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