Moved to iA Writer away from Ulysses

I’ve made the move to iA Writer 1 this weekend. I have been using Ulysses 2 for the past year.

I evaluated iA Writer and evaluated Ulysses some time ago and ended up selecting Ulysses at the time. Since then, two things have happened.

  1. Ulysses moved to a rental software pricing model (subscription model)
  2. iA Writer features have rapidly evolved

Overall, I’m completely thrilled with the capabilities of iA Writer v5. It is addressing the features I cared most about, Front matter, metadata variables, tables, templating3, table of contents, number headings.

I am especially happy that iA Writer is not rental software!

Ulysses is a fine writing application. However, the features I have wanted and currently want, have not been there for sometime now. Their explination 4 and reasoning for Ulysses_100x91x72making the move to a subscription based model implied great things to come concerning features and turn-around time. Yet, over the past year I waited and watched as a few updates were released. In v13 improved code blocks arrived; Great but not enough for me.


Attribution for the iA Writer logo5

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PyCharm 2018.2 Goodies

This week JetBrains released an update to PyCharm that includes an item I’ve been waiting to arrive in PyCharm; PyCharm 2018.21 brings support for Pipenv2.

I discovered and began using Pipenv roughly around December 2017. Very happy to now have PyCharm and Pipenv working together.

Among the additional features and improvements to come with PyCharm 2018.2 is Quick documentation, access documentation from within the PyCharm environment.

Of course there are other items besides the two mentioned here, checkout the JetBrians web site for further info.