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This site will be going offline soon — no plans to renew the domain or keep the information here available. Kind regards, ~ Jeff

Python tooling efficiency with pyenv and pipenv

Synopsis Use pyenv to quickly install and switch between different Python releases while using pipenv to virtually isolate project files and libraries. For example, create a virtual python environment using Python release 3.11.1 with pipenv command pipenv --python 3.11.1. If Python 3.11.1 is not installed on the local system pipenv will leverage pyenv to install... » read more

jog memory: PostgreSQL

Purpose These are my notes to help jog my memory1; it is a living document that will be revised as needed. Nearly everything in this document has been referenced at one time or another at Connection Settings By default, Postgres will not accept connections over TCP/IP unless listen_addresses = '*' is enabled. The *... » read more

Difference between Policy-Routing and Routing-Policy

Why write about this? I once worked with a colleague1, and he didn’t know there was a difference between Policy-Routing and Routing-Policy. Given his senior position, I was surprised at the initial confusion this created as we collaborated with a vendor. His view was both concepts of Routing-Policy and Policy-Routing had the same meaning, that... » read more

With UTM run x86 VM on Apple M1

Interesting find. I didn’t know I cared about this emulator called UTM. The UTM macOS edition has my attention now. I decided to trade my MacBook Pro 16-inch (MBP) for a new MacBook Pro M1 system. All in all, the new system is fine. When I made the Apple leap from an Intel-MBP to an... » read more

NX-OS, mildly interesting yet helpful

Over the past 3 months I’ve been working with Nexus NX-OS 9.3.(x) and learned an interesting command. The command is show cli history. 1 Here is an example of work that was needed on two N9k switches. It is mildly interesting, yet helpful. Copy and paste the repeated commands. PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP) NX-OS provides... » read more